April 13th, 2014


Sunday, April 13th

9:30 AM – Coffee and donuts

10:00 AM – CrossGroups Sunday school

11:00 AM – CrossView Worship

5:00 PM – Sunday school board meeting

6:00 PM – Old Fashioned Sunday Night worship

7:00 PM – Church board meeting

Tuesday, April 15th

9:00 AM – Visitation

Wednesday, April 16th

8:00 AM – Breakfast with Pastor Dave at Braum’s

6:45 PM – CrossView Prayer

7:15 PM – Men’s Bible study and Women’s Bible study

Thursday, April 17th

9:00 AM – Cleaning crew

7:00 PM – Maundy Thursday Communion

Friday, April 18th

6:00 PM – CrossView Kids Easter Party

7:30 PM – Good Friday “Songs of the Cross”


Bus                                                                    Camille/Lenore

First Impressions                                        Team 2

Donuts/Fruit                                                 Team 2

CrossGroup Reader                                    Larry L

Ushers                                                             Jolene/Rick/Dean/Will/Raven

Counters                                                         Katie/Gayle

CrossView Kids                                            Sarah

Sunday Evening                                           Pastor Dave

Special music



*CrossView Kids Easter Party will be Friday, April 18th at 6:00 PM here at the church for nursery through 5th grade. There will be an egg hunt, food, and fun activities for kids and their parents!


*Holy Week/April Worship and Activity Schedule
Wednesday, April 16th – Normal schedule of activities
Thursday, April 17th – Maundy Thursday Communion at 7:00 PM
Friday, April 18th – CrossView Kids Easter Party at 6:00 PM
Good Friday Worship at 7:30 PM
Saturday, April 19th – Tracie P’s bday party at Denison skating rink at 4:30 PM
Sunday, April 20th – Potluck Breakfast at 10:00 AM
Easter Worship at 11:00 AM
No Evening Services or activities
Sunday, April 27th – Canaan Bound in Concert at 11:00 AM
2014/2015 Elections at 11:00 AM
Church Annual Meeting at 6:00 PM

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