May 25th, 2014

Order of Worship

Call to Worship—Psalm 89:25-29


Welcome and Announcements

Memorial Roll Presentation

The Lord’s Tithes and Our Offerings

“When We All Get to Heaven/I’ll Fly Away”

“When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”

“Lord, I Need You/I Need Thee”

James 5:13-20


Open Altar Prayer Time



9:30—Coffee and Donuts

10:00 AM—CrossGroups Sunday school

11:00 AM—CrossView Worship

5:00 PM—Choir practice

6:00 PM—Evening worship


This Week

Tuesday, May 27th

9:00 AM—Visitation


Wednesday,  May 28th

8:00 AM—Breakfast at Braum’s

7:00 PM—CrossView Prayer


Thursday, May 29th

9:00 AM—Cleaning Crew


Servant Schedule

May 25th


First Impressions—Team 4

Donuts/Fruit—Team 4

CrossGroup Reader—Pastor Dave



CrossView Kids—Michelle

Sunday evening music—Sue

June 1st


First Impressions—Team 1

Donuts/Fruit—Team 1

CrossGroup Reader—Sherry Hudson



CrossView Kids—Misti

Sunday evening music—Ruth L



This Week’s Fitness Tip—park and walk.  Walking has so many health benefits.  You’d be surprised how many extra steps you can get in simply by parking a little further away from the front of the store, church, or post office.  Give it a try this week.  As usual, consult your doctor if you have concerns.


Memorial Roll Certificates will be presented in this morning’s service.  All money given to place our friends on the memorial roll goes to the missionary health care fund.



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