May 11th, 2014

Order of Worship

Call to Worship—Psalm 89 (selected verses)


Welcome and Announcements

The Lord’s Tithes and Our Offerings

“Victory in Jesus”

“Jesus Messiah”

Message in Song—Cherie Swain

“What A Day That Will Be”

“Holy Ground”

Ephesians 3:14-21


“Lord I Need You”

Open Altar Prayer Time




Today, May 11th

9:30—Coffee and Donuts

10:00 AM—CrossGroups Sunday school

11:00 AM—CrossView Worship

No evening activities so that families might spend time together


Tuesday, May 6th

9:00 AM—Visitation


Wednesday, 7th

8:00 AM—Breakfast at Braum’s

7:00 PM—CrossView Prayer


Thursday, May 1st

9:00 AM—Cleaning Crew



May 11th


First Impressions—Team 2

Donuts/Fruit—Team 2

CrossGroup Reader—Camille


Counters—Sherry/Melissa Sue

CrossView Kids—Sarah

Sunday evening music—none

May 18th


First Impressions—Team 3

Donuts/Fruit—Team 3

CrossGroup Reader—Ruth L

Ushers—Pete/Morris/Michael/Larry L/Raven


CrossView Kids—Melissa

Sunday evening music—Melissa Sue



This Week’s Fitness Tip—stretching.  Before exercise, make sure your body is ready by stretching and warming up.  Don’t overstretch, which can damage muscles and joints, but go a little beyond what’s comfortable.  Then, warm up by doing your exercise of choice at a slower pace for the first couple of minutes.  You are then ready to work up a sweat!

Mother’s Day is today.  All mothers and daughters will receive a special gift at the conclusion of the service.

Graduates—We will be honoring all graduates on Sunday, May 18th in the morning service.  Please let Lenore Flowers know today if you are graduating.

Happy Birthday!  Austin Ingram (5/11), Bill Kimberling (5/16)