June 15th, 2014

Order of Worship

Call to Worship—Psalm 89


“Standing on the Promises”

“Power in the Blood”

Meet and Greet

The Lord’s Tithes and Our Offerings—Dale Kennington


“How Great is Our God”

2 Peter 1:12-21


Open Altar Prayer Time

Father’s Day Gifts


Today, June 15th

9:30—Coffee and Donuts

10:00 AM—CrossGroups Sunday school

11:00 AM—CrossView Worship

Monday, June 16th

12:00 PM—Teens depart for camp

Wednesday,  June 18th

8:00 AM—Breakfast at Braum’s

7:00 PM—CrossView Prayer and Bible study

Thursday, June 19th

9:00 AM—Cleaning Crew

Servant Schedule

June 15h


First Impressions—Team 3

 Donuts/Fruit—Team 3

 CrossGroup Reader—Allene Gunter



 CrossView Kids—Melissa

June 22nd


First Impressions—Team 4

Donuts/Fruit—Team 4

CrossGroup Reader—Jolene Johnson


Counters—Sherry/Melissa Sue

CrossView Kids—Michelle


This Week’s Fitness Tip—push ups, like sit ups, are a great free resistance exercise that you can do at your own pace or level.  Try to do a few every other day this week, increasing the number you do each time by one.

Father’s Day is today.  All fathers and sons present in the morning worship service will receive a special gift.  There will be no evening activities.

Teen camp—Teens will depart the church at 11:00 AM.  Lunch will be provided.


Happy birthday!  Pete Childress (06/16)

Happy anniversary!  Rick and Carla Calhoun (06/17)