July 12th – 18th, 2015

Prayer of the Week:  

O Lord, mercifully receive the prayers of Your people who call upon You, and grant that they may know and understand what things they ought to do, and also may have grace and power faithfully to accomplish them; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Daily Scripture Focus:

Sunday—Psalm 24, Ezra 10:1-17

Monday—Psalm 19:1-3, Nehemiah 1-2

Tuesday—Psalm 19:4-6, Nehemiah 3-4

Wednesday—Psalm 19:7-9, Nehemiah 5-6

Thursday—Psalm 19:10-12, Nehemiah 7

Friday— Psalm 19:13-14, Nehemiah 8

Saturday—Psalm 19, Nehemiah 8:1-10

Prayer List:  The Grossmans, Daxon Keener, Pete Childress, teen camp, kids camp, vbs * Ginger McKinney, Marcus Davis, Herman Wright & family, Jermoka Andrews, Tracie Pettigrew * Carl Rider, Faye Doyle, Dexter Jackson, The Gunters, Toni Hanson  * Butch Petty, Michele Raglin, J’Lynn Synn, Yevetta Raglin, Hunter family , James Rodriguez, Jason Permenter