August 21st – 27th, 2016

Prayer of the Week:  

Grant, O merciful God, that Your Church, being gathered together in unity by Your Holy Spirit, may show forth Your
power among all peoples, to the glory of Your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You
and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Daily Scripture Focus:

Sunday—Psalm 71:1-6, I Thess 2:9-20

Monday—Psalm 112:1-2, I Thess 3:1-8

Tuesday—Psalm 112:3-4, I Thess 3:9-13

Wednesday—Psalm 112:5-6, II Thess 1

Thursday—Psalm 112:7-8, II Thess 2

Friday— Psalm 112:9-10, II Thess 3

Saturday—Psalm 112, I Thess 3:9-13

Prayer List:  Grossman Family * VBS * Dexter Jackson, Katelyn Patterson, Sherrie Grems * Delferd Sloan, family of Faye Doyle, Timothy Jimerson, Callie Cassita & family, Bryant family, Jaelicia Synn * Wanda & Mandell Collins, Tamera Goldston, Starla Raglin, Sherri Grems, family of Jesse Grossman


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