April 27th, 2014

Order of Worship

Call to Worship—Psalm 89
Welcome and Announcements
Church Elections
The Lord’s Tithes and Our Offerings
Canaan Bound
Love Offering

This Week

Sunday, April 27th

9:30—Coffee and Donuts
10:00 AM—CrossGroups Sunday school
11:00 AM—CrossView Worship
6:00 PM—Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 29th
9:00 AM—Visitation

Wednesday, April 30th
8:00 AM—Breakfast at Braum’s
6:45 PM—CrossView Prayer
7:15 PM—Men’s and Women’s Bible study

Thursday, May 1st
9:00 AM—Cleaning Crew


Servant Schedule

April 27th
First Impressions—Team 4
Donuts/Fruit—Team 4
CrossGroup Reader—Tracie
Ushers—Larry G/Buddy/Lenore/Dexter/Skylar
CrossView Kids—Michelle
Sunday evening music—Dale

May 4th
First Impressions—Team 1
Donuts/Fruit—Team 1
CrossGroup Reader—Allene
Ushers—Larry G/Buddy/Tristan/Dan/Brady
CrossView Kids—Misti
Sunday evening music—Dave


Canaan Bound will be in concert this morning in the 11:00 AM service. A love offering will be received to support their ministry.

Church elections will be held in the morning service. We will have the church annual meeting at 6:00 PM when we will announce the results and hear department reports. We will also present an updated timeline on the church building project.

This Week’s Fitness Tip—say “No!” Excess stress, among other things, raises insulin levels in the bloodstream, making weight loss difficult. A good way to reduce stress levels is to simplify our schedules. How can you use the magic word “No” to simplify your obligations and free up some time this week?